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Vision 2017 – 2019

The Queen’s School Vision Plan

Vision 2017 – 2019

The Queen’s School has a Vision Plan incorporating Vision Priorities that provide a clear focus for actions in the school.  This is our School Development Plan.    The Vision Plan underpins decision-making, allocation of resources, school and staff objectives and is the Governing Board’s strategic focus. Our Vision Priorities are reviewed and refreshed every two years and we are currently in the 2017-2019 cycle.

The latest Vision review took place in 2017 when our current Vision Priorities were agreed. The Governing Board asked children, parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders for their views.  We recognised that the school had changed quite a bit since the previous Vision Priorities (2011–2017) were set – we have a new school, the opportunities the amazing outside space gives us, curriculum and assessment changes and, of course, the Ofsted and SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspections, both awarded Outstanding.

The process for re-assessing our Vision and Vision Priorities needed to be wide ranging and robust.  We formed a working group consisting of staff and governors to scope out the plan for gathering input and working towards a new set of priorities.  We consulted as widely as possible with a range of stakeholders - we created questionnaires for governors, staff, parents and other stakeholders and held focus groups with the SLT and children.  We collaborated, working together as a group to define and decide upon our priorities for the future.  We challenged ourselves to be aspirational for our children within the resources we have.  The outcome from this comprehensive review enabled us to create a Mission, Vision and Vision Priorities for the future.

Mission, Vision and Vision Priorities

2017- 2019


Encouraging every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian community which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.

Our Vision – how we will achieve our Mission

At The Queen’s School we want to provide a learning journey that encourages our children to be independent, well-rounded and confident achievers, supported and nurtured by motivated and committed staff.

We believe that each child should be encouraged to achieve the highest standards possible within a stimulating, creative and secure learning environment where our Christian values of love, compassion and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

We want our school to be a welcoming and inclusive school and as staff, governors, parents and members of the wider school community, our aim is to make this vision a reality through the following vision priorities.

Vision Priorities

Learning and Teaching

To provide an inspiring, stimulating and inclusive environment, instilling a love of learning to enable each child to achieve academically and creatively; made possible by valued, mutually supportive and committed staff.

The Whole Child

To empower each child to be independent, confident, thoughtful and resilient. Grounded in Christian values and well-equipped for a future beyond The Queen’s School.

Learning Environment

To make the most creative use of the internal and external space, providing each child with the best opportunities and a safe environment to develop intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally.

The Queen’s School Community

To be outward looking at the heart of our local community, sharing our expertise and working in partnership to enrich our children’s appreciation of the wider world.