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Topic 20 April 2020

OL - The Seaside 

- Senses 
- Describing words
- Conjunctions (because / and / but) 

First, watch this video on Espresso.

Look at the picture of the seaside. Have a think about what you could see / smell / hear / touch. Can you write me a sentence for each sense in your learning journals? 

I can see ...
I can smell ...
I can feel / touch ...
I can hear ...

Optional extension questions: 

  1. Write down 5 words that describe the seaside.

  2. Why do people visit the seaside? 

  3. Can you name any seaside locations in the UK? 

  4. What is an Island? 

  1. How might the seaside be different from where we live? Can you write down 2 differences?