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Week commencing 20th April 

New term, means new topics!


OL: I can understand what cubism means


I can link cubism with key words

I can share my opinion on cubism


Look up cubism art and complete some basic research on the art genre. Use: 

Tate website 

History: Cubism 

Make a mind map discussing any key words linked with the art style. What words come to mind when you look at cubist pieces, and what is your opinion? Add it all to your mindmap. 



OL: I can understand life in North America


I can understand key facts and information about people living in other countries

I can infer why their life may be different to mine

Explore Growing up around the world - LGFL. Its a great resource that explores childhood in all different areas of the world. 

When on the website, click 'Meet the children' and then 'Stephanie' (North America) video.

Complete the summarising sheet (attached below) all about Stephanie’s life. Consider how her life many be similar to your life, and lots of other people around the world. Reflect on whether her life is different in any ways.