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Supporting at home

Process for reading one-to-one:

Look at the cover
- What might this book be about? How do you know/ Why do you think that?
Who is the author/illustrator?
Child reads to you
-Support reading unfamiliar words (use strategies list)
If the book was challenging, use one of the fluency strategies
Ask comprehension questions (use prompt questions linked below)
What is reading fluency?
Strategies for reading unfamiliar words:
Use phonics fingers to segment the word
Blend the sounds
Divide the word into syllables
Skip the word and then go back
Look for the parts you know like the beginning or end of the word
Finally, make a best guess – does it sound right? Does it make sense? If not re-read and try again.
Know when to just tell them
Strategies for fluency practise
Choral read – read together
Partner read – take turns to read (e.g. sentence by sentence)
Echo read – adult read, child reads back in exactly the same way paying attention to expression etc from the fluency list above.
Copy read – child follow while adult models segmenting (breaking down into sounds), blending (blend the sounds together), using punctuation. Child reads back to you.