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Science 30th March

Week Commencing 30th March 


OL: Recognise the factors that affect the size of a shadow


I can explain how shadows are formed

I can explain what a light source is

I can apply my knowledge that light travels in straight lines to answer questions

Watch Let is shine on LGFL (You will need log in details at the front of your home learning book).

Switched on science - LGFL / Year 6 / let it shine. Pupil video summarising light.

Consider, how does the video link with your own theories generalised from your light experiment in class, and conclusions written last week? Were you able to show what the video is summarising?

In your home learning book, draw and label two diagrams showing how the size of a shadow can vary.

  • Diagram 1: The object close to the light source.
  • Diagram 2: The object far away from the light source

Be clear to show how the shadows vary and are different. 

Extension: If you are still seeking some challenges or fun experiments after completing the work, have a look at the pupils activity sheets on the 'Let it Shine/Switched on science' page. 

Whilst some activities you may not have the equipment for, some simply require a pencil and a glass, so have a go. They're really great tasks!