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Science 30 March 2020

Hey, Year 5 scientists!

Get your brains ready because you will need to do some good, deep thinking.

OL: To explain and illustrate the science of a solar eclipse

Take a look at this image. 

Who do you agree with? (All, some, somebody, nobody?)

Find an adult and explain to them what you think. Do they agree with you or do they have a different understanding?

Once you've had a good discussion with your adult, download the Solar Eclipse PowerPoint. Look through it together and discuss how this compares with your understanding. Were you right? Was your adult right? Either way, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you now know how eclipses work.

Now open up your Home Learning Books. First, draw a diagram to illustrate your new understanding of how a solar eclipse occurs. (Remember to neatly label your diagram.) Second, underneath your diagram, write a paragraph explaining the science of a solar eclipse.

Finally, check with your parent to see that your diagram and explanation are clear and accurate.

Well done. That's your science done for the week.