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Science 20 April 2020

Healthy Eating

This is our new topic for the summer term. These activities are from espresso so remember to find the student password Mr Adams sent you in March.
Watch the video below on Why do we need food? Before you start, tell someone what you think about this.

You can play the Sorting Food Activity  if you have time. Now complete the activity from Farm to plate and stick the sheet in your Home Learning Book.

Watch the video Nutrition. This tells you about the different food groups and why each one is important. Try the Nutrition Sorting Game and then create your own Healthy Eating plate. Make sure you include foods from each of the five food groups. When you have finished, write a list of the foods you chose and explain why you picked them. (There is a template below but it is just as easy to create your own plate in your book.)

Challenge: Help with dinner one night and take a picture of your own Healthy Eating plate.