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School Council

At King’s, we are committed to creating an environment where children’s voices are heard and valued.  Our School Council is made up of pupils from years 2 to 6 (two representatives from each year group), who are elected to represent the views of all the pupils. 

Our School Council gives our children an opportunity to have their opinions and ideas heard.  It also helps children to develop their understanding of democracy and how our Parliament works. 

The aim of the School Council is to help pupils:

  • Have a safe, happy and fair learning environment
  • Take an active role in school life
  • Have an opportunity to voice their ideas, opinions and concerns, and act upon them
  • Develop confidence when given opportunities to speak to larger groups

Regular class discussions, circle time and Pupil Voice provide opportunities for the children to talk about things that are happening around school, raise concerns and put forward suggestions as to how certain aspects of school life can be managed or improved. 

The School Council meets twice every term to discuss issues such as the school environment, behaviour and social interaction, curriculum areas, fundraising, local community issues and the wider community. 

As well as supporting pupils throughout the school, our School Council enables its representatives to develop skills in speaking and listening, planning, organising and monitoring, problem-solving and mediation.

Some of the projects the School Council have been working on:

  • Welcome booklet for new pupils
  • Reading Sheds – devised rules and responsibilities and taught them to each class
  • SPARK Book Awards – inform and facilitate
  • Fundraising – share ideas and help organise fundraising for chosen charities
  • Creating a suggestion box for pupils to share their ideas