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Week Commencing 23rd March 


L: How Are Forgiveness, Hope and Salvation Shown In The Easter Story?


I can understand the meaning of each station of the cross;

I can reflect on the concepts of forgiveness, hope and salvation as shown in the different ‘stations’ of the Easter Story and what these mean for different people.

‘The Stations of The Cross’ are the journey of the last hours of Jesus’ life on his way to Calvary, the stages of his journey to His death on the cross and then his resurrection. 

You are going to work your way through the stations of the cross, following the journey that Jesus took to his crucifixion and then his resurrection, the journey that is remembered by Christians at Easter.

You are going to consider the concepts of forgiveness, hope and salvation, so please ensure you understand what each word means using a dictionary or this link:

Follow each station in turn, using the resources attached below. One document shows the images and steps, the second document shows bible verses to match each step - please note there is not a verse for each step in the stations of the cross. It may be wise to write a brief reflection about each step.

Once you have worked through each step, please choose one step to write about in your home learning book. Within a paragraph, discuss the themes of forgiveness, hope and salvation in connection to that step and why you think it is important in the stations of the cross.