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Parent Workshops 2023-24

We held an evening of curriculum workshops for parents in September 2022. The evening gave an insight into how our curriculum is organised with the progression of knowledge and skills. The slides can be found below.

The curriculum event in October 2023, began with an overview of assessment and reading going on to explore the curriculum for phonics and maths across the school and writing in KS2 as well as ideas for supporting your child's learning at home. You can find the slides from the evening below.

The workshops were:

Phonics – suitable for EYFS, year 1 and 2

 Led by: Ms Sesay – EYFS & Phase 1 Lead

Learn the basics of phonics, how we teach phonics and early reading in school and feel confident to support your child in their reading.

Mastering Maths in KS1 – suitable for EYFS, year 1 and year 2

Led by:  Ms Demir, Assistant Head

The mastery approach in maths, including, number, place value, addition and subtraction. Understand the fundamentals of maths and feel confident to support your child in deepening their understanding using concrete resources.

Mastering Maths in KS2 – suitable for years 3-6

Led by: Nisha Barchha – Maths Lead

Apply the mastery approach to developing a greater understanding in using the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and place value and know which methods to use. Feel confident in using concrete resources to support your child to deepen their understanding in maths.

Writing in KS2 – suitable for years 3-6

Led by: Ms Verge – Deputy Head and English Lead and Mr Samuel – Writing Lead

Understanding the writing process, the grammar requirements and how to support at home.