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Online Safety

We want your children to be safe online, whether that is in school, at home or elsewhere.  They could be playing games, browsing the internet or using apps on a tablet or smartphone but we believe that it is our duty to support you in helping your child make the correct choices.  On a regular basis, we guide the children through assemblies, PSHE and computing lessons on the dangers of being online as well as the huge benefits.

Our internet access at The King's School is strictly controlled via the London Grid for Learning (LGFL) who provide broadband access and other computing services to a large community of schools and local authorities.  Controls over our internet access are set at LGFL wide level, then further filtered at Borough level and finally filtered at school level to provide the safest possible internet access for children at The Queen’s School.

The Online Safety Policy contains our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) for all children, staff, governors, parents/carers and all third parties who access any of the school's IT systems. 

Outside of school your child can only be protected by the controls that you put in place on their Internet, tablet/smartphone, TV, movie and live streaming access.  Setting parental controls or restrictions can be a bewildering task and to help you, we’ve suggested some resources on the tab to the right.