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Inclusion & Wellbeing


‘For you are all one in Christ Jesus’    Galatians 3:28

Recognising that we are all different and all have unique qualities to offer enriches our school community. We work together to celebrate and embrace our differences respecting and showing kindness towards each other in all we think, say and do, living and learning by our school values of Love, Compassion and Respect.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity and tackling discrimination in all its forms. We work closely with our families to promote understanding and celebrate the different languages, cultures, traditions and festivals that form part of our school community.

Our curriculum incorporates diverse perspectives, so that children receive a broad viewpoint of the world around them, ensuring texts and resources are sensitive to different groups, cultures and backgrounds and children have opportunities to explore and challenge their thoughts and ideas.

We recognise that every child is unique, created in God's image and brings individual qualities, enriching our school.  Through our personal social, health emotional (PSHE) curriculum, our daily Collective Worship and the teaching of British values, children have opportunities to discuss, explore and challenge their thinking and develop their understanding, growing in their personal development.

See our Equalities Policy 


We are committed to supporting our whole community and work with parents and children to promote wellbeing and positive mental health. We work closely with Achieving for children and Mental Health support services to ensure we can support our families. We offer regular workshops for parents and can signpost to many services. All our interactions with children are rooted in relational approaches, using emotion coaching and restorative approaches to support pupils to understand their emotions and build emotional resilience.

We introduce ‘The Zones of Regulation’ to children in early years and continue to use them throughout the school, supporting the development of self-regulation for all our pupils. All the different ways children feel and the states of alertness they experience, are categorised into four coloured zones which children find easier to communicate with teachers and can also be used at home. Children learn to identify the zone they are in, acknowledge their emotions and learn strategies to help themselves move to the ‘Green Zone’ and be ready to learn. 

See our Mental Health & Wellbeing policy

See our Behaviour policy

Zones of Regulation