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Foreign Languages


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13)

Intent- How our curriculum is structured and organised

The King’s school learners are offered a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious curriculum to inspire them to become life-long language learners.

The curriculum is planned to teach the key language learning skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, these are covered in all year groups through a wide variety of topics and themes, often linked to other aspects of their curriculum.

The curriculum is taught through ‘The Language Angels’ scheme of work and resources, beginning in KS2. Units of work are chosen specifically for year groups to ensure the appropriate level and challenge are being met, as well as linking to other class topics and cross-curricular themes.

The curriculum and progression maps (see below) ensure skills and knowledge are introduced and developed consistently throughout KS2, allowing teachers to review the previous learning and support and/ or challenge accordingly. Children build upon previous knowledge gradually, as lessons continue to recycle, revise and consolidate previously learnt language whilst building on all language skills.

Implementation - How our curriculum is taught

Foreign Language learning begins in the Early Years through our ‘Language of the Month’, which is embedded from Reception through to Year 2. A different language is explored each month or half term by saying the register, days of the week, counting, playing games and singing in that language. Parents who speak the ‘Language of the Month’ are welcomed in to school to share stories, cultural traditions or teach some vocabulary in the classroom. This is to begin promoting a love of languages and to celebrate the many cultures and languages that are spoken by members of our school community.

At King's there are many bilingual learners, these children are also challenged with extended reading and writing tasks as well as given the opportunity to become a teaching assistant during French lessons. Additionally, there are opportunities to learn other languages through extra-curricular clubs and when Spanish student teachers are placed with us each year for a 6-week period.

Pupils have opportunities to speak, listen to, read and write in French with varying levels of support and in engaging and purposeful ways.

Assessment at the end of units is against the 12 DfE attainment targets and is tracked by the Foreign Languages Lead to ensure teaching is targeted and appropriate moving forward. Children are also offered self-assessment grids to ensure they are also aware of their own progress and targets.

Impact- A cohesive learning journey

All learners are expected to make good or better progress and leave The King’s with a positive view of Foreign Language learning. Children are able to hold simple conversations in French and can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Our aim is that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond Key Stage 2 and develop a desire to learn different languages at secondary school.

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