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EYFS Good Level of Development

Baseline assessments:

National Baseline:

During the first six weeks of starting school, we complete a national baseline assessment of the pupils’ starting points in: language, communication, literacy, and mathematics which is completed 1: 1 with their class teacher. The results are sent directly to the Department of Education. To create school-level progress measures to show the progress pupils make from reception until the end of key stage 2 (KS2). These results are not shared with schools (or parents) until the summer they reach Year 6.

School baseline and GLD:

During the first half-term a school baseline assessment is carried out to assess a child’s attainment against the seventeen aspects of learning from The Early Years Foundation Stage profile. 

Children are defined as having reached a Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of EYFS if they have achieved the expected level in the prime areas of learning and the specific areas of mathematics and literacy. 

Please note there are no GLD results for 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.







Good Level of Development





Commentary for 2023:

  • The proportion of pupils who achieved a good level of development (73%) was above the overall national average (66%).
  • The proportion of pupils who achieved expected in the different early learning goals was in line or above national averages in all 17 areas and ranged from 83% in writing to 98% in gross motor skills.