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There were also two competitions that ran on the day.  Reception and KS1 were asked to create a rhyming character, such as 'Bananas in Pyjamas' or 'Angelina Ballerina’.  KS2 were asked to create
a playground rhyme.

Reception/KS1 winners were; Thomas P (Maple), Zoe R (Oak), Jai (Cherry), Thomas K (Fir), Evelyn (Holly), Mia S (Holly).
KS2 winners were; Mollie SR (3JB,) Bo (3HW) Aviva (4HO), Adelaida (4HO), Seren (5BW), Mia G (5BW), Katie B (6RL), Sylvie & Ellie G (6RL).

We will include some photos of the winners and some of the winning entries here very soon.