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Annual Governors' Appeal

        July 2021

         Annual Governors’ Appeal

During the last year we have all been focussed on the issues affecting our families and community as a result of the pandemic. From the school’s perspective this has meant ensuring the high standards of teaching and learning have continued, remotely and on site, as well as looking after staff and managing the school budget as cost effectively as possible.

I’m sure you have all have read about the very real problems schools are facing to adequately fund themselves amid the trend of declining school budgets.  Our school is no exception.

As a Voluntary Aided Church School, we are required to cover from our own funds 10% of the cost of any capital works – improvement or major maintenance – for which we receive government funding.  This year, for example, we have been awarded funding for £70,000 of work to improve the external lighting and to motorise the emergency gate, which means that a £7,000 contribution from Governors’ funds is required.

Therefore, each academic year we ask parents to consider making a voluntary donation to our Maintenance Fund through the Governors’ Annual Appeal.  The governors’ fund covers (a) our subscription to a Diocesan scheme that covers the 10% contribution for major maintenance works; and (b) our 10% contribution for improvement works not eligible for the Diocesan scheme.   Although our school building is still very new, and we are benefiting from a period in which maintenance costs are relatively low, as governors we have a responsibility to plan ahead and ensure funding for maintenance and improvement of our building and grounds is available when it is needed.  The only other way we can fund these works would be via use of the school’s revenue funding, but doing so would divert funds away from the day-to-day costs of educating our children.

Further details about the different sources and uses of funding at Queen’s can be found here

Contribution to the Maintenance Fund is wholly voluntary, but we suggest, if you are willing, an annual contribution of £50 per child. It would be wonderful if you felt able to give more, but any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

All funds raised by the appeal are ring-fenced for use exclusively on maintenance and repairs (when needed) and, at governors’ discretion, projects that enhance the children’s school life. We are unable to use this fund for staffing and related resource.

Donating is simple:

•             By standing order-simply complete the form on the letter attached below and return to the school office, together with the gift aid form if applicable;

•             A cheque made payable to the Queen’s School Governors, which you can drop into the school office, attached to the form on the letter attached below;

•             A donation using Parent Mail + Pay
Select the amount you wish to donate and remember to tick the gift aid box if you are a UK Taxpayer to help make your giving go further.

We thank you in advance for your help with this responsibility.

Yours sincerely

Mark Ollard,
Chair of the Finance Committee