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2023 Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted inspected our school on 8 and 9 February 2023. This was an ungraded (interim) inspection. The inspector’s conclusion was that The Queen’s School should retain its Outstanding rating until the next graded inspection, which is likely to take place within the next two years.

We are particularly pleased and proud that the Ofsted inspector reported:

  • Leaders have designed a curriculum that prepares pupils well for the next stage in their education
  • Pupils work hard in lessons, and they are determined to complete the tasks assigned to them
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported well with learning the curriculum.
  • Promoting equality and celebrating diversity are threads that run through day-to-day school life
  • Pupils respect each other regardless of gender, race, or faith
  • Pupils show a genuine love of reading

The two areas highlighted for development are already part of our on-going work on the new curriculum, and remain a focus for the school over the next year.

The report is a true and accurate reflection of what the inspector described as our “warm, welcoming and wonderful school” and we are delighted to share the full report below.