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OL: Work scientifically to record the location of the Sun in the sky

On one day this week, look in the sky every hour you are awake between sunrise and sunset - 8am, 9am etc.
Draw a small picture of each observation to show its location above rooftops, trees etc.

!!! Be careful not to look directly at the sun - just look at its location compared to other things !!!

Make any extra observations you notice about shadows, behaviour of animals etc.
eg 5pm - long shadows, the birds finding resting perches in trees

Can you explain why the sun appears to move across the sky?






*Bonus Space task!
The International Space Station will be passing through our skies over the next couple of weeks. Let's look up every night and know that all of Year 5 is doing the same at that very moment - including Miss Carter and Mr Megrah! The Meteorwatch Website has all the dates and times. Remember - it looks like a star moving really fast through the sky from west to east. Happy ISS Spotting - we'll see you there!

**Extra bonus Space task!
Since you're outside, why not have a search for the constellations we were shown in the Space Dome! Try to find Orion and his belt, Ursa Major and the North Star to start with. Can you remember the ancient myths behind their names?