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School Journey FAQ

The following questions were submitted via the online form or at the presentation.  Please see the answers below.

What time do the children need to arrive at school on the Monday?

We ask that the children arrive at school by 6.15am on the Monday, for a prompt 6.45am departure.

What time do the children return?

We normally return by about 7pm on the Friday night.  Updates will be sent on the Friday by ParentMail to notify you of any delays (or indeed if we are early).

Could we have a sheet to print out for what they need to pack/not pack?

There is a list of suggested items on pp.6-7 of the downloadable PowerPoint presentation.  There is also a list of items that children should not bring, on p.8.

Do we need to subscribe to any travel insurance or is it already covered?

No – the school has its own travel insurance to cover the trip, provided by Zurich Municipal.

What are the ages of the other school groups that will staying at the PGL centre that week?

All the other school groups staying at the centre that week will be from primary or preparatory schools.