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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

(Philippians 4:13)

Intent - How our curriculum is structured and organised

The History curriculum plans for all children to gain a clear and detailed knowledge and understanding of the past, whilst encouraging awe and wonder.  Children are encouraged to be curious, asking thoughtful questions while remaining objective and considering a wide range of evidence and sources to inform their learning. They will understand the complexities of different cultures and lifestyles and how these can be impacted by interactions and changes to society. By encouraging an understanding of and curiosity for the world, we will support our learner’s development as responsible and respectful global citizens. We have identified a set of key historical concepts – golden threads – that children will repeatedly revisit throughout their time at The King’s School. Each unit will not always include every thread but, over the year, children will visit every thread in their history learning.

Golden Threads

  • Family Life
  • Power & Invasion
  • Invention & Technology

Implementation -How our curriculum is taught

Historical skills and knowledge are developed through a wide range of teaching and learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The knowledge and skills maps ensure progression across the school, building on knowledge and skills over time. History is taught as termly or half-termly units, alternating with Geography, and teachers use the skills maps to plan units that engage their classes and make cross-curricular links, especially with English, Geography and Science. We place high importance on the teaching and appropriate use of technical vocabulary and encourage both independent and collaborative learning. Teachers make excellent use of digital technology to support History learning and engage children by learning in context. By continually referencing prior learning, children’s long-term memory will improve, and they will build up their understanding of where each historical era sits within their learnt chronology. Children are encouraged to make links to their life experiences and British Values and the curriculum is enhanced by trips and outdoor experiences to bring history to life and embed learning.

EYFS and Key Stage 1
Children begin to develop their awareness of the past and use the appropriate vocabulary. They begin to understand how events take place chronologically and identify similarities and differences between different ways of life in a range of historical periods, as well as significant individuals from those times.

Trips, Visits and Experiences

  • Local Area     
  • Hands-on experience with a range of toys from history  
  • Gunnersbury Museum and National Archives
  • Comparing Seaside Holidays Past and Present

Key Stage 2

Children develop their chronological understanding of British, local and world history, developing their understanding of how historical events impacted each other. They are able to use increasingly sophisticated historical skills and are able to analyse sources and devise perceptive questions.

Trips, Visits and Experiences

  • Victorian School Experience       
  • Steam and Water Museum         
  • Hampton Court
  • National Archives
  • Richmond Museum

Impact - A cohesive learning journey

Learners are well-informed, objective pupils who can confidently discuss key historical events, both in Britain and the wider world, and identify their place in a chronological arc. They can observe similarities and differences between events and historical periods and consider how events have impacted wider actions. Children are able to retain prior learning and explicitly make connections between what they have previously learned and their current learning. Our children are taught to be increasingly critical and analytical in their thinking and make balanced judgements based on their knowledge of the past.

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